Energy Efficiency Evades Detroit

Energy efficiency

7-05-2015 Energy Efficiency Evades Detroit

Detroit has proven it knows how to bounce back from an economic slump. Now the city needs to show that it can tackle energy inefficiency.

The City Energy Efficiency Scorecard released by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) ranks Detroit 48 out of 51 cities surveyed for energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

Detroit’s scorecard showed that the city performed poorly in local government operations and community initiatives. The study recommended that Detroit advocate for stricter statewide residential and commercial building energy codes to increase efficiency in buildings.

According to the scorecard, Detroit should also encourage residents to use alternate methods of transportation and create a better-connected community.

There is a positive note on the scorecard, however. Detroit does a good job of combining heating and power in its district energy system, thanks to Detroit Thermal.

The top 10 cities in the report are

1. Boston
2. New York
3. Washington, D.C.
4. San Fransisco
5. Seattle
6. Chicago
7. Minneapolis
8. Portland
9. Austin
10. Denver

energy efficiency

The lowest 10 cities in the report are

42. Memphis and Tampa
44. Indianapolis
45. Hartford
46. Virginia Beach
47. New Orleans
48. Detroit
49. Raleigh
50. Birmingham
51. Oklahoma City

The survey looked at five key areas that affect a city’s energy efficiency:

1. Government operations
2. Community initiatives
3. Buildings
4. Utilities
5. Transportation

Detroit has a ways to go to improve energy efficiency, but with a little determination and new, energy-conscious policies, Detroit can earn a higher rank in the next scorecard.

Detroit Skyline photo by Shawn Wilson.
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