Doug Elbinger to be featured speaker at Michigan Energy Fair

5-14-2013 Doug Elbinger to be featured speaker at Michigan Energy Fair

Douglas Elbinger, co-founder of Detroit based Greenlancer, will be a featured speaker at the Michigan Energy Fair, taking place June 7 – 8, at the fairgrounds in Ludington MI.  The annual Michigan Energy Fair is sponsored by the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.MEF_2013-1

Mr. Elbinger, Energy Policy Analyst at Greenlancer, is an authority on energy conservation measures and renewable energy system design. He will give a presentation, “Finding Hidden Savings in Your Home or Business”. Elbinger will illustrate energy conservation methods using the ‘energy audit’ as a tool.  Elbinger maintains that, “When you consider that energy is one of the largest controllable cost in your home, you will be glad to take a closer look at the value of an energy audit”. Elbinger will also demonstrate many no cost or low cost ways to make incremental savings that add up to real bottom line impact. The presentation will take place on Saturday June 8. at 10AM. For more information see

Doug Elbinger’s career spans over 35 years as an innovator in management and corporate communications. For many years, as an environmental journalist and producer for, he focused his efforts on acquiring an in-depth knowledge of advances and investment opportunities in the renewable energy industry. For more information, comments or dialog, please contact Doug Elbinger at – Energy Policy Analyst, Greenlancer Energy Inc. Greenlancer is a renewable energy engineering and consulting firm in Detroit

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