Dear Detroiter

7-01-2013 Dear Detroiter

Patrick McCabe, co-founder Greenlancer

Patrick McCabe, co-founder and CTO, of Greenlancer

Dear Detroiter,

GreenLancer is an innovative cloud-based platform that is disrupting the renewable energy industry by facilitating the development of green energy projects through supporting contractors with predefined professional engineering and financial services.

GreenLancer leverages industry expertise with the Internet and powerful collaboration and automation strategies that increase the quality of customer support while dramatically reducing soft costs like time and money.

Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of alternative energies by enabling the everyday roofer, electrician, and HVAC repairman to be able to sell and install renewable projects. Please take a moment to support a budding hometown startup by following our company on Linkedin:

As a special thank-you, GreenLancer will provide one free Feasibility Study for anyone that follows us on Linkedin, so if you ever wanted to know more about green technology, NOW is the time. To learn more, send us a message on Linkedin or come visit us at our new offices on the 27th floor inside the David Stott Building 1150 Griswold Street.

Thanks for helping us building our local web audience!

-Patrick McCabe

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