Our Mission

Is to accelerate the solar industry by helping installers reduce soft costs and improve profitability. This is achieved through a platform that leverages standardization, automated workflow, and a large network of professional designers. We at GreenLancer believe that a sustainable future begins in solar energy and results in job creation and long-term economic growth.

Company Overview

Over recent years the cost of developing a solar project has decreased dramatically. This is primarily due to the significant decrease in hardware costs. As these costs continue to plummet soft costs remain flat-lined and now represent over 60% of solar system costs. This is the one major barrier to mass consumer adoption the industry needs to overcome.


Through our experience providing professional design and permitting services, we realize that the “brick-and-mortar” system is broken and inefficient. Solar installers face high project costs, slow turnaround times, and design bottlenecks. GreenLancer’s innovative platform provides a “plug-n-play” access point to the solar designs and permitting services that an internal resource or brick-and-mortar firm would normally provide. GreenLancer’s lean manufacturing approach has proven to reduces soft costs and streamlines the project development process.


Our inspiration for solving this problem comes from Henry Ford’s introduction of the assembly line over 100 years ago and the resulting disruption of the entire manufacturing industry. However, assembly line design isn’t limited to manufacturing. Every professional service utilized by solar energy developers and contractors has processes, which can be broken down and solved with the same systematic approach. harnesses a combination of the latest technologies with a distributed workforce to bring assembly lines into the 21st century resulting in the next generation of professional services.