BBC News Magazine features GreenLancer

6-20-2013 BBC News Magazine features GreenLancer


“Despite decades of decline and mismanagement, there are signs of life in Detroit as private sector companies try to rebuild the city.” –Jonny Dymond, BBC

BBC Washington correspondent, Jonny Dymond, visited Detroit last week and filed his report titled “Glimmers of Hope in Detroit”. In addition to interviews with key players like Matt Cullen, the chief executive of Rock Ventures, he had an opportunity to meet with the start-up community at Bizdom and interview entrepreneurs such as GreenLancer CEO, Michael Sharber.

 ‘It’s like the Wild West’

Michael Sharber

“I was born in Detroit and I moved away to pursue work opportunities, but I came back by chance and was blown away by what I saw. In places like New York or California, I’m just one of millions of other faces trying to make it.

“It’s a lot easier to get recognised here. There are business leaders who are willing to share advice, people who want to invest in your ideas.

“Detroit was built on innovation and creativity, from Thomas Edison to the auto industry and you now see all these new college graduates moving here looking to turn their ideas into reality – this city is full of opportunity. People are looking at Detroit as the new frontier. It’s like the Wild West and it’s being rebuilt.”

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Glimmer of Hope in Detroit / BBC News Mag / June 19, 2013

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