Author: Matt Howe

solar ppa

5-28-2015 What Is a Solar PPA And How Does It Work?

When talking about solar financing, the solar power purchase agreement (solar PPA) is often overlooked in favor of solar loans or leases. However, there are some benefits to the solar PPA, a rarely-discussed solar financing arrangement. How a Solar PPA Works It all starts with a homeowner...

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inverter, streetlights

5-24-2015 A Closer Look at Solar Inverters

One component that all solar systems must include is a solar inverter. It’s what makes the electricity that the system produces useable. Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into Direct Current (DC) electricity. The problem is that the American power grid uses Alternating Current (AC)...

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solar system configurations

5-17-2015 Solar System Configurations: A Rundown

Despite the overwhelming prevalence of grid-tied solar systems in the US, it’s not the only solar system configuration available. There are three solar system configurations that homeowners can choose from when deciding to go solar. They are: grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid. Grid-Tied Grid-tied solar systems are the...

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experimental uses for solar energy

5-14-2015 Three Experimental Uses for Solar Energy

Rooftop solar is becoming a mainstream practice, which is great. However, we shouldn’t just stop with rooftop solar. There are plenty of different ways we can use solar energy to power other aspects of our lives. Scientists are busy researching and experimenting with the latest solar...

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rooftop solar

5-10-2015 Is Rooftop Solar a Good Choice for You?

The cost of rooftop solar installation and solar panels have dropped. Many Americans are going solar and saving money on their energy bills. You wonder, “Why can’t I go solar? I want to save money, too.” Before you contact a solar installer, you should consider a...

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4-19-2015 Before Going Solar: Five Tips for Surviving Your HOA

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are an inevitable part of living in planned neighborhoods. They generally exist to protect property value and ensure that neighborhoods look nice. However, in their quest to preserve their domains, some HOAs dismiss homeowners’ rights to choose their energy source. Homeowners interested in...

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concept design, save money

4-14-2015 Solar Concept Designs Make Interconnection Easy

Interconnection can be a lengthy, sometimes frustrating process. The average wait time for processing an interconnection application is about four weeks. However, it’s not uncommon for some installers and homeowners to wait over eight weeks to get the all clear. Several factors influence the time it...

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