Advanced Lighting has a Bright Future in Michigan

3-09-2013 Advanced Lighting has a Bright Future in Michigan

According to industry statistics, if just 25% of the florescent lighting in the United States were converted to LED lighting, we could save $15 billion dollars in annual electric costs, or effectively decommission 130 coal burning plants. In other ‘glowing’ terms, this will prevent the release of greenhouse gases equal to 10 million autos and reduce carbon emissions by 158 metric tons.

Along with rising energy costs is the rising interest in green building practices, as more ambitious energy conservation targets are set by governments, building contractors and the general public. The need to incorporate ‘advanced lighting solutions’ into new construction and retrofit existing building and facilities is an overall component of achieving sustainability and creating a whole new industry.

Read the full article (CAM Magazine, Jan 2013): Advanced Lighting has a Bright Future in Michigan


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